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We are a pharmacy group that provides specialised services to promote best possible health outcomes for patients. We deliver medicines to patients throughout Australia.


Our services are customised to meet the needs of patients, we have processes and capabilities to overcome potential barriers to therapy. Our capabilities include continuous monitoring and delivery of refrigerated medicines. We integrate our operational capabilities to provide management services to patients, caregivers and health professionals. We have specialised innovative tools and processes for quality care and to ensure continuous medicine supply direct to patients. Our pharmacists are experienced in specialised therapeutic areas.


We provide dispensing services to patients with Macular Degeneration and Retinal disease due to Diabetes. These medicines require refrigeration before injection, iCare Pharmacy has established cold chain management and delivery processes to ensure product quality assurance for the benefit of patients.


Medicine Review and Management

As we get older the number of medicines we take increases and so does the potential to adverse effects.  Our clinical pharmacist is specially accredited to review all your current medicines including non-prescription items and health products. Where applicable they will consult with your medical practitioner to optimise your treatment and eliminate potential adverse effects.

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